• Cafeteria
  • Boys Volleyball
    Boys Volleyball
  • Boy Cheerleaders During Assembly
    Boy Cheerleaders During Assembly
  • Computer Lab
    Computer Lab
  • Eye Ball
    Disecting a Cow Eyeball
  • Frog Disection
    Frog Disection
  • Flash Mob During Assembly
    Flash Mob During Assembly
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    Brockbank Jr. High School
  • Reality Town
    Reality Town
  • Cheerleaders
"Brockbank has zero-tolerance for bullying, we are a bully-free zone."


Parent/Teacher Conference on Monday & Tuesday from 4:00-700pm.
Brockbank community council will be holding a brief meeting Monday, September, 22nd at 4:00 to discuss elections and meeting times for the remainder of this school year.



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