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Brockbank Junior High School was built in 1950, with the science building being built in 2000. The schools namesake was Taylor Park Brockbank. The school mascot was originally the “Bees”, but in 1973 it was changed to the “Braves”. For the past decade Brockbank has been on the cutting edge with teaching and technology. The school was one of the first in Granite District to champion teaming with seventh and eighth graders to give the students a better education. Brockbank has also been utilizing some of the newest technologies to enhance classroom teaching and student learning. The schools athletic program has been very strong and the Academic Team had won many district championships, as well as a National Championship in 2006.

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Brockbank Junior High School’s mission is to guide our students to academic success while fostering social and emotional growth.


We Believe that:

  • Implementation of middle level principles – student teams, curriculum integration, teacher collaboration, subject exploration, and variety in instructional methods leads to increased student achievement.
  • High academic expectations increase student achievement.
  • Teachers are models, guides, and mentors who use research-based instructional methods to facilitate learning.
  • A positive and safe learning environment is created through discipline, consistency, and collaboration between school and community.
  • Social values, character development, and cultural respect are part of the curriculum.
  • Students must come to accept responsibility for their own learning.
    Education is preparation for life.




Students at Brockbank Jr. High School will be able to:

  • Effectively communicate to others what they know and think
  • Read effectively for a variety of purposes
  • Write with clarity and purpose
  • Communicate through oral presentation and listening
  • Recognize and evaluate various forms of communication
  • Demonstrate their understanding of content knowledge
  • Apply previous knowledge to new situations
  • Identify and use a variety of strategies to solve problems
  • Gather and Organize information
  • Initiate and reflect on their own learning
  • Achieve high standards of literacy and basic knowledge
  • Become responsible citizens
  • Demonstrate individual responsibility and self control
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle
  • Understand and promotes democratic values
  • Participate in activities that promote the public good
  • Learn individual and teaming skills


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