Wasatch Savings Fundraiser

We are excited to announce a new fundraising book that we are selling! Wasatch Savings is a great company that offers lots of new restaurants, sporting events, game centers, and water parks at fantastic discounted prices. Instead of lugging around a large coupon book like in the past, you will have hundreds of details accessible to you through simply showing your card. This book comes with a handy travel/car guide that fits easily in your purse so that you can find discounts on the go! Some of the great deals that Wasatch Savings will offer you are:

  • Free tickets to Grizzlies’ games
  • Buy one, get one at TONS of your favorite restaurants
  • Free games at several local fun centers
  • Discounted fitness classes
  • Free tickets to local high school sporting events
  • Buy one, get one haircuts
  • Great discounts on special events
  • and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

For every book you sell, you get an awesome collectible and the chance to win a prize or even MONEY!!!  For every 5 books you sell you get a free book!