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Digital Citizenship Thought of the Day #4

If you are bullied, or threatened on social media, or if you receive emails, or ads, or photos that make you feel uncomfortable, save the evidence, tell an adult, and don’t respond. Be prepared to react appropriately to others who misuse social … [Read More...]

Digital Citizenship Thought of the Day #3

Anything you post on the internet is permanent. Even if you remove it soon after, someone else may have already shared it or copied it and saved it to share later. Think it over very carefully before you hit the enter, post or share button, is this … [Read More...]

Digital Citizenship Week Thought of the Day #2

"It's a little scary to say, but some people troll social media, looking for information about you. They can use it in a lot of ways, to impersonate you, or to hide their own identity, or to do damage to you. Don't give out information on social … [Read More...]

A thought a day about social media…

We are learning about Digital Citizenship and creating a positive digital footprint at Redwood Elementary. This week we will post one thought each day to help us become better Digital Citizens when using social media. Here's today's … [Read More...]

Principal’s Message


We already have some Redwood Ram Writers!

Jaime and Montserrat made poems about themselves in Mrs. LaRue's class. We are proud of our students and their writing abilities! … [Read More...]


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