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Counseling Center Online Scheduler

8th grade CCRP's are January 7th through February 6th. Parent window is open December 17th through January 4th. Password is valleyjhs.

School Hours

 Morning Times

Students can enter building:
7:20 AM
Warning Bell:
7:45 AM

 General Hours

Monday - Thursday:
7:50 AM – 02:45 PM
Friday Only:
7:50 AM – 12:30 PM

From the Blog

girls on computers

Bytes of Brilliance

Technology Camp For Girl's age 12-17 SLCC, Taylorsville Campus July 13-16 Bytes of Brilliance 2015 … [Read More...]


October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

The month of October is designated as National Bullying Prevention Month, and it’s an opportunity to bring greater awareness to the issue and explore prevention solutions. Bullying is any unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or … [Read More...]

Clap Board

End of Year Slideshow links

We had a great year and our Historians put together some fun slideshows for the student body! Take a minute to go down memory lane and check out the fun pics from this year, … [Read More...]


Volunteers Needed

The PTSA is looking for Volunteers for the upcoming school year! You don't have to be a member, just be involved in your child's school. Come be a part of the great things that are going on at Valley! You can do a little or a lot! Please email or … [Read More...]

Recent News

Take a Survey, Raise $$ for Valley

We need your voice to help shape the future of Utah
By the year 2050 Utah’s population will nearly double. What will that mean for our schools?
The quality of our air? Our water? Our economy? What do you want Utah to be like in 2050?
You can decide by taking the Your Utah Your Future
survey at envisionutah.org. Your answers
will help create a vision for keeping Utah a great
place to live. Our school will also receive $1 for
every high school student or adult who takes the survey. Remember to enter our school name
after voting for the future you want to see.

Granger Girl’s Soccer Camp

Granger soccercamp

Granger Girl’s Soccer Camp
April 6-7
Noon to 2:00

March Family Center Newsletter/Calendar

Newsletter Calendar March

Parent Survey Requested

You have been invited to participate in the Conditions for Learning assessment. The few minutes it will take to complete the questionnaire are important to you, your child, and your school.

The questionnaire is very short, each statement has been thoroughly tested, and the results are helpful in improving (1) academic achievement, (2) student attendance, and (3) school safety.

We ask only a few questions because we value your time, and our research indicates that these questions are all we need to provide a thorough evaluation of the school. We have designed each question for a specific purpose and to provide only needed information.

In a short time, your school will have the results of this assessment. Ask to see the reports, cele-brate accomplishments, and then offer to help your school’s community council or other group to identify ways to improve your school.

For more information, please visit our website at www.conditions4learning.com.

To take the survey please go to http://c4lq.com/ and enter the code: 848548.

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