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Good Bye, 6th Grade!

As the book end for the first-day kindergarten "clap in," the last-day "clap out" was the final goodbye for our Armstrong sixth graders. Students from every grade lined the hallways of the school during the last fifteen minutes to clap, wave, and … [Read More...]


The Penny Wars

During the last eight days of school, Armstrong participated in "The Penny Wars" for its annual fundraiser. Students worked to earn the most points for their grade-level team by bringing in pennies for their own jar and bringing in other coins or … [Read More...]


Jump Rope Club 2014

The Jump Rope club simply dazzled at their capstone performance during the last weeks of school. They proved to be more limber and flexible than anyone might think possible. Take a look back at their accomplishment by watching their entire … [Read More...]

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The Gem of the Armstrong Weather Station

The live-feed video camera has just become available for all to enjoy right from the comfort of their own homes. A video image of the weather patterns over the Wasatch mountains is just one item of data the new weather station will record around the … [Read More...]

The Principal’s Blog

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Summer Activities

As summer quickly approaches, the minds of students and parents alike are already hard at work … [Read More...]


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