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The Armstrong 1-to-1 Initiative

As most of you are aware, Armstrong has a 1-to-1 iPad-to-student ratio. This has been made possible on account of the Armstrong teachers participating in two-years worth of professional development to acquire the devices. Having this kind of … [Read More...]

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Since last year, Neil Armstrong Academy has paid a subscription for each of our students to have an IXL math account.  This is among the most powerful independent-practice tools for your student’s mathematics development.  The software adjusts to … [Read More...]

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Top Eagles for November 18, 2014

Margaret Moleni (Mrs. Marbery) - She is an outstanding student and classmate. Margaret works hard on all o her assignments and does her homework on time. She is a friend to all and a great example to her peers. Makayda Rammell (Mrs. Bodell) - … [Read More...]


Top Eagles for November 12, 2014

Jade Charnetzky (Miss Johansen) – Jade has been doing her very best. She has done well on all of her spelling tests. She is always on task at school. Way to go Jade! Gavin Beck (Mrs. Hines) – He is a kind friend. He always speaks kindly to … [Read More...]

The Principal’s Blog

Open Enrollment . . . Again

We're getting closer! Monday, December 1st marks the opening of the open-enrollment window for … [Read More...]


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