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Magna Elementary’s Mission Statement

Inspiring learners through educational excellence for a lifetime of global opportunities.

From the Blog

Navigating Go Math!

Parents, Go Math! has an online piece that you can use with your students at home. The following video will help you and your student navigate the online math homework platforms.  Go Math Tutorial   … [Read More...]

Boys of BMX round 2

Yesterday was the first day of class for BMX. We put bikes together and learned about tools and levers and tire pressure. Then the boys got to go out and ride. We only had one casualty and that was myself...LOL. We had a lot of fun! By Blake … [Read More...]

Granite Junior Youth Symphony June Prep Academy

Granite School District is implementing a summer district-wide program to teach beginning instrumental music to students entering the 7th grade.   June 8 - 26, 2015 Monday-Friday,8:00 – 11:00 a.m. EisenhowerJunior High School 4351 S … [Read More...]

Recent News

KUED Reading Marathon


It’s that time of year again! KUED is kicking off the 22nd Annual Reading Marathon on March 1.

As one of our Ready To Learn schools, we rely on you and your students’ participation! Please find the attached reading log to distribute to your teachers and students. The Reading Marathon is a month long reading challenge taking place from March 1 – March 31. Families or teachers can enter the reading log minutes online at the end of the month at www.kued.org/reading. Teachers can have students participate in the classroom, or send the reading logs home with their students to complete at home.  Reading Log

Magna United Family Center is moving to Magna Elementary

Magna United Family Center

Dear Parents                       

Some exciting news. We are moving the Cyprus Family Center to Magna Elementary. We are very excited about the move as we know all of us will be happy over there.

We will be offering the following:  



Canvas / Gradebook and Parent Portal

Homework helps

Don’t Stand By, Be An Ally

Ten ways to help your child be successful in school.

Parenting class

School to Home Communication

Early Childhood Education

Basic English Skills                      

Computer Skills


We can’t wait to see you all there. Our classes are free and the best news is your little toddlers are welcome to come and join you. We have a kid’s corner where they can draw, play and even learn while you are busy with your lesson.


Please feel free to contact me:

Samantha Mahoney

Our Hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday

9:00am – 12:00pm


385 646 6264