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The Principal’s Blog

SEP Conf

Principal’s Message: SEP Conferences on Feb 11th-12th

Parent Teacher Conferences are a great way to find out how your child is doing in school and what you can do to help your child be even more successful. 1. Talk to your child first. In some schools, children take part in conferences. We encourage … [Read More...]

School Blog


OverDrive: Granite School District’s Digital Library

Granite’s OverDrive Digital Library provides students and teachers with access to a large library of popular ebooks and audiobooks for independent, recreational, or teacher-assigned reading. These books can be read on a computer or checked out and downloaded to a wide array of mobile devices via the OverDrive Media Console apps. Click here to learn […]


Family Center Class Open To Everyone

Academy Park is fortunate to have a family center that is open to all parents Mon-Thurs from 8:30-12:30. Idaliz Romero does a wonderful job of getting information and resources to parents. English classes are taught daily. Other classes in computer skills, helping children succeed in school and parenting are also offered. Tuesday, Jan 27th @ […]

Skyhawk News

SAGE Training Tests Available

sageThanks for your hard work on our SAGE Writing tests!  We’ll begin Science, Math and Language Arts testing on April 20th.  Click here for sample tests.

Parking Lot Access

no parkingThank you to all patrons who are following safety patrol requests and not driving into “coned-off” areas. Because the main student crosswalk to and from school crosses the entrance to the parking lot, we close the lot from 2:50 – 3:10 to provide safe crossing for our students. If you must enter the parking lot, please do so before 2:50, but keep in mind you will not be able to exit until after 3:10. Thank you for helping keep our students safe.

2015-16 Preschool Registration

Academy Park will again be hosting Pre-School next year. Pre-School Registration for next year opens February 1st. Please visit their website on the Granite District homepage under both “departments” and “schools”. Registration is being done online this year. If you have questions, please call the Pre-School office at 385-646-4672.